Tuesday, 17 December 2013

Chiropractic and posture


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Posture is absolutely related to the spine and poor posture shows that there is problem with a spin and nervous system, slouching or forward head posture is one symptom of poor posture. Slouching finishes on lymphatic drainage in the neck. This posture causes more pressure on the posterior neck muscle and increases the weight bearing on the discs. Car accidents, sports injuries, working with computers, loose of bone density or even poor sleep habits are main causes of this type of posture. Tension headaches, muscle strains and uneven joint wearing are other symptom of poor posture. Sometimes lack of balanced muscle tone leads to poor posture. Forward tilt of the pelvis or anterior weight bearing is another common posture problem. This posture causes lumbar lordosis and associated muscle weakness, and can lead to chronic lower back pain, muscle pain, sciatica, leg weakness, lower extremely circulation problems. Chiropractic exercises can improve body’s posture by restoring balanced muscle tone, aligning body’s load-bearing joints and reducing likelihood of experiencing posture-related pain. First chiropractors ask about your medical history and lifestyle, check your posture and may carry out x-rays tests. They are trained in the art of detection and can analyze posture, spinal problem, movement and alignment expertly. After chiropractic adjustments, many people report improvement in system function.


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