Tuesday, 17 December 2013

Dental Bridge Problems


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A way for replacing a missing tooth with a fixed solution is bridge. A fixed bridge is the most common designs of bridge which is made by placing crowns on the teeth either side of the space, and then joining the crowns together by placing a solid crown in the space to replace the missing tooth. Because of using joined crowns in this type of bridge, cleaning the teeth will be more difficult. A bridge must fit the supporting tightly. Otherwise it, cleaning the bridge will be difficult and the teeth supporting the bridge may decay or get gum disease. Some factors like, the size, shape, fractures and relationship to opposing  teeth should be considered as possible problem as well as the way the bridge fits on the supporting teeth, otherwise bridge will come off repeatedly. Sometimes, the mechanical preparation of the tooth is inadequate, and it means that the tooth wasn’t trimmed down enough. Sometimes, the bridge may wasn’t constructed correctly in the dental laboratory. Another usual dental-bridge problem is a porcelain fracture, which is a hairline break in the dental bridge. This problem may occur for two different processing errors and a mistake can be made in how the dental bridge was created. May be dentist misjudge the mechanics of the bite. Another problem of bridge is space between the trimmed tooth and bridge. The size of the dental bridge can be the problem, when the dental bridges are either too slim or too bulky. This can cause two problems, tooth decay and check irritation.


  1. Nice to see your blog.

    I was getting scared to replacing my missing teeth. and I think its painful treatment. when i see your blog about this i am interesting for bridge my teeth.