Monday, 16 December 2013

Mojito (Mexican Drinks)


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Mojito is a refreshing perfect drinks from mexico. it can make with alcoholic drinks or no.
I will give you both recipes here.

Lemon 2
Water 2 cups
Club soda
Sugar 2/3 cup

In this recipe fresh lime juice is important. 
First, squeeze lemons.
Dissolve sugar in water. you can do it by heating them up and add 15-18 mint leaves and let them steep. Take the glass for serving, 
shred the leaves and place them in the button of the glass . you can break them up into the button and up the sides. I think  3 whole leaves is enough for each glasses. 
add ice cubes and then lime juice. 
add lime wedge into the glass.  
and now muddle the lime and mint, or mash together. you can do this in a shaker until there is lime pulp in the glass. 
finally add your syrup and club soda to the glass and its ready

for alcoholic drink, just add one cup syrup, one cup soda and two cups Rum. 



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