Saturday, 28 December 2013

Chiropractic and HIV


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31 children positive die, every hour around the world! And 9 out 10 live in Africa. About 90% of these children acquired HIV from their mothers, and about 10% of children acquired HIV from medical settings. According to a magazine, the goal of chiropractic is releasing vertebral subluxations which allow body to work more efficiency. Also, this magazine published chiropractic can help HIV patients to live better. The vertebral subluxation is consisting of 5 parts: 1) Spinal kinesiopathology- the patient can’t turn neck or back comfortably. 2) Nevropathophysiology- numbness, pain, needles and tingling. 3) Myopathology- wound, spastic and feeble. 4) Histopathology- swelling and softness. 5) Pathophysiology- joints and muscles. These are the reasons people need chiropractic. As reported in a journal, researchers sought that specific upper cervical adjustment can increase the CD4 (immune system) levels in HIV positive individual and have a positive effect on the physiology, serology and immunology for HIV patients. I a case study of the effect of upper neck chiropractic on the CD4 levels of HIV, 5 patients were adjusted under chiropractic care and five patients were controls. After 6 months, the CD4 levels of second group (without chiropractic care) decreased by 7.96%. But, the CD4 first group who were under chiropractic care increased by 48%. This test shows the efficiency of upper neck adjustment care for HIV.


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