Saturday, 28 December 2013

Is chiropractic the best treatment for back pain?


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Never ignore back pain, because pain may be symptomatic of an underlying condition such as a disc bulge. Most Americans choose chiropractic treatment as back pain relief treatment among other pain relief alternative. 22 million people in United States visit chiropractors every year. Among these people, 35% are looking for alleviation from back pain. Back pain can happens because of various causes such as accidents, sport injuries or organic medical conditions like arthritis. But, the most common cause of back pain accumulates from daily activities including incorrect sitting body positions, sleeping incorrectly, bending and lifting in wrong manner. It`s very important to recognize if treatment is appropriate for your back pain. Due to this fact, a chiropractor has to perform a physical examination, take a medical history and may use lab tests, in first stage. One of the most important parts of treatment plan can be manual adjustment. The doctors can improve range and quality of motion, functionality and reduce nerve irritability by manipulation the joints. Spinal manipulation is to improve the function of body’s function with applying the controlled and sudden force to a spinal joint. And this is the main aim of chiropractic. 


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